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Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone we find it with another.” – Thomas Merton


Meet the founder and CEO 
Sarah Dahan

Since a young age I had a passion for design, I create lingerie and pajamas because in my opinion lingerie could help boost a woman confidence and make her feel powerful, especially in everything that comes down to relationships and love. 

Being a single woman in New York isn't easy, and while searching for love, I've found that all people want to get that spark again, that spark of love and passion.

Finally when you find the love of your life you want to keep the relationship interesting and fun, and in my opinion lingerie does that, you come home and prepare a nice surprise for your lover, that makes him hypnotized by your beauty and you're having a magical night together, a night that makes you smile the whole day after. 

 However lingerie is usually expensive so people don't do that often, no matter how important this is, that's Why I decided to create Cherlot, a lingerie brand that deliver the love and experiences that you seek to have more often in your relationship, in an affordable price, so you could enjoy the little things in life more often.

The people who work at Cherlot share the vision and values of our community.
*We strive to do work that we love
*We believe that clients are a gift to receive with gratitude and handle with care
*We we believe that love is the answer, Love will find a way.



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