Bridal And Honeymoon Lingerie: Do’s And Dont’s

Bridal And Honeymoon Lingerie: Do’s And Dont’s

One of the most exciting aspects of your honeymoon is deciding what you'll wear in the evening with your newlywed spouse – as well as what you'll wear underneath your wedding gown when you say "I do." But when it comes to lingerie, what should you wear and what should you avoid? If you want to receive your wedding day lingerie, the following are the most crucial backs and not-to-dos to follow (and honeymoon).


✅ Do: Plan ahead of time for your bridal lingerie fittings

You must select your wedding lingerie with plenty of time to spare for your wedding gown accessories. The reason is practical: you'll need to wear your wedding day undergarments under your fittings to ensure your wedding gown adapts properly. The earlier you can decide on your bridal lingerie, the better. If you can't get the precise space you want in time for your fittings, at the very least, try to find something quite similar.


bridal lingerie set - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties


❎ Do not worry about wearing a certain style of lingerie

No rule says you have to wear lingerie on your wedding day or honeymoon; you can wear whatever you like. Choose something else if you don't care about the appearance of "traditional" lingerie, like lace panties and garters. You are free to wear whatever lingerie suits your unique style and taste, so make sure it is something that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and seductive. After all, there's a lot of Hauteflair out there that goes beyond "traditional lace lingerie," such as babydolls and garters.


Babydoll Wedding Lingerie - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties

✅ Do: wear shape under your dress.

When wearing a wedding gown, shapewear is a must! Shapewear will help you appear your best on your wedding day by smoothing your body and giving you a smooth line from head to toe. Shapewear can also serve as an ideal lingerie basis, particularly if you want to wear a garter.


Wedding Lingerie set, bridal lingerie - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties

❎ Do not: Wear Shapewear is too tight

Shapewear can help you look better for your wedding. It's crucial, though, that your shape under your wedding gown isn't too tight! Shapewear that is too small will make you look like a muffin top and quite uncomfortable. It could even reduce your circulation, depending on the style! Make sure you're wearing a second form that's "just your size."


Bridal Lingerie Set: Robe + Nightgown - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties

✅ Do: buy a special lingerie for your honeymoon

Your honeymoon should be unique, so make sure you go the additional mile and get lingerie specifically for it. Your honeymoon lingerie should reflect your personality, so don't be afraid to buy something you'd like to wear to your first parties as a married couple.


Bra + Garter Belt + Panties - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties

❎ Do not: Forget to pack extra lingerie in your honeymoon luggage.

It may appear to be proof, but many new wives arrive on their honeymoon only to discover that they have neglected to take an additional set of underwear! Bring enough lingerie for each day of your honeymoon — no one wants to wear the same pair of underwear twice while they're meant to be spending quality time with their newlywed spouse. Please note your honeymoon lingerie on your packing list to avoid forgetting it at home.


Lingerie Set - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties


Bridal lingerie is a crucial aspect of your wedding day, so keep the donations above in mind and don't forget about yourself on your special day (and nights!) And you'll succeed admirably.


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