Bridal Lingerie Ideas And Inspirations From Cherlot

Bridal Lingerie Ideas And Inspirations From Cherlot

A few days ago, a bride approached me at a local wedding pop-up event and asked if I could make her lingerie for her wedding day! While I adore the idea of making yourself feel attractive and sensual on your wedding day, crafting your fantasy wedding garter is my specialty.

I think it's a fantastic addition to your bridal outfit, and your garter is a lovely piece (or pieces!) of bridal lingerie. Even if I cannot manufacture it for you, I can assist you in finding the ideal lingerie outfit for your special day! (Talk about the ideal location for your blue item!)

Finding a piece of bridal lingerie that makes you feel glamorous and attractive, whether to wear underneath your wedding gown or after the festivities on your wedding night, is a personal choice. Don't feel obligated to wear a barely-there lingerie piece if you don't usually show a lot of skin; instead, choose something that makes YOU feel the way you want to feel on your wedding night. No matter what, your lover will think you're stunning!

Remember that, much like your wedding gown, if you have your underwear custom-made, the designer will create it to fit you exactly how you are, which is very different from buying it off-the-rack at a store where you must comply with the size on the tag. In my opinion, the bespoke or semi-custom option is far superior!

I've gathered a selection of Cherlot lingerie sets for you to peruse below. There's something for every bride-to-be, from incredibly sexy to basic and timeless.


5 pcs - Wedding lingerie set - Include Robe - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties

bridal lingerie set - Cherlot - Lingerie  - Bra - Panties

Is there a piece of bridal lingerie in the sets mentioned earlier that perfectly matches your wedding garter or your bridal aesthetic? While you're looking for lingerie for your wedding day, don't forget to stock up on items for your honeymoon or a boudoir picture shoot before the big day!

If you like a piece of bridal lingerie, go to the Cherlot designer's page to see what else they have, as there are bound to be a few more pieces that will be wonderful for the honeymoon and newlywed period of life! You know how it goes: if something fits, get it in every hue!

All of these lingerie items would make excellent engagement, bridal shower, and bachelorette gifts from family or friends. We match you with a bride based on your size, comfort, and lingerie preferences.

Check out my Cherlot blog series for additional wedding ideas and inspirations, as well as a shop for all of my wedding garter designs.


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