Lingerie Tips for Women With Large Bellies

Lingerie Tips for Women With Large Bellies

Regardless of size or shape, every woman wants to feel gorgeous and desired. Women with huge bellies can wear seductive lingerie if the correct fabric, color, style, and size are chosen. The appropriate lingerie will hide your flaws while emphasizing your best qualities. A lady with a huge tummy can look shapeless and unappealing if she wears the wrong lingerie.

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🩱 Hide the Negative

Lingerie is all about appearing and feeling sensual, sexy, unique, and attractive. Women with large bellies should avoid tight or clingy fabrics, such as PVC, leather, and Lycra since they bring attention to unsightly bulges. Choose lingerie styles that are free in the waist and composed of flowing materials like silk or satin since these materials drape well and emphasize the form.


🩱 Accentuate the Positive

Draw attention away from your stomach by emphasizing the parts of your body that you think is most appealing. Wear bras that emphasize your cleavage, for example, if you believe your bosom is your best feature. Show off your shapely legs with a nightgown that conceals the tummy but showcases the legs, like a baby doll nightie. Wear panties or thongs that bring emphasis to your shapely derriere if you believe Sir Mix-a-Lot had you in mind when he rapped about his favorite female feature.


🩱 Keep it Simple

Keep the colors of your lingerie plain. All of the items you wear together should be the same hue. Dark colors like black, brown, navy blue and burgundy make you appear thinner. Some plus-size women have personalities as big as their bodies, and they need to express themselves through vibrant patterns. On the other hand, huge designs may bring attention to the large tummy you want to conceal. Wear underwear with smaller prints or bright, vibrant accessories instead.


🩱 Size

Many plus-sized women mistakenly feel that purchasing larger sizes will conceal their huge tummies and make them appear thinner. Overly big lingerie appears shapeless and unsightly, but properly tailored clothes serve to enhance your positive features. Choose goods that are a good fit for your personality. Wear long dresses with layers, such as a silky robe that complements the rest of the look if you are conservative or self-conscious about your huge tummy. Women with flirtatious tendencies may wish to wear more exposed clothing.

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