Cherlot Saved Our Relationship

Cherlot Saved Our Relationship

I had been dating a man for a year, and things were going very well at the beginning. A few months passed, he was always mad. He didn't like how I looked and how I dressed. He was hot and cold during that time, and every time we met, he vanished after a while, and I was so angry with him, wondering what I was doing wrong until we gave space with each other.

One of my friends suggested that I surprise him with some seductive lingerie, which I did. 

I messaged him one day purely because I missed him, and we had ended on quite bad terms, and I realized how much I loved him. We agreed to meet up & he went to my place, and got back together after that!

He was so astonished when he saw me that we had a wild night, and the next morning he said he missed me and after a while, he managed to remind me how good things were when we were together, and now we're better than I ever thought we could be.

It was a magical moment. I'm not sure how one simple surprise can make a man suddenly want you; I'm not sure if it was the supper I prepared for him or the lingerie, but it worked.  He was thrilled with this, and we spent a couple of absolutely blissful nights.

So, because many people have asked where I got my lingerie, I'll just put it here at

They provide me with a 7-day free trial. I make a purchase and only pay when the item has been delivered for seven days. So I’ll have seven days to try it on and decide whether or not want to keep it. I will never be charged if I don't like it.


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