Cherlot Plus Size Lingerie Found My True Love

Cherlot Plus Size Lingerie Found My True Love

I am probably not a typical bride. I haven't thought about my wedding day or outfit in a long time. This day felt like it would never happen to me, so I never gave it any attention.

I was single for a total of 28 years. Not a single boyfriend. Those were years in which I felt completely broken. I can't help but believe that no one wants to date me because of my plus-size body. Of course, being a fat woman, I always blamed my weight. A guy would like me if I were just slim or sexy. My deepest insecurity hindered me from developing the confidence that would have been a far more appealing trait. Instead of having confidence, I was always "working on myself." This only meant one thing: I would try to lose weight.

What's more, guess what? That didn't work out either. That didn't result in me meeting the man of my dreams. It didn't boost my self-assurance. Instead, it made me feel the deepest sense of loneliness I'd ever experienced.

I went out to hang out with my friends on my 28th birthday. Since I moved, they all chipped in and got me a lingerie present from Cherlot. Surprisingly, I wear lingerie, which fits my plus-size body nicely. I decided to share it on Facebook and tag my friends to express my gratitude. After a while, a Facebook notification appeared, someone had sent me a friend request, which I accepted, and the man invited me to hang out at his apartment.

After our meeting, I texted him to express my gratitude when I arrived home that night after our meeting. After a brief exchange of words, he invited me out once more. It just came organically after years of trying so hard to meet someone. It happened quickly as well. I was completely freaked out! It was a whole new experience for me. And now, five years later, here we are!

I'll share more details about our connection as we progress through our plus-size bridal adventure. Celebrating the love we've found is the most important part of getting married for us, and I can't wait to tell you more about our journey.

Thanks to Cherlot lingerie, I once believed that lace lingerie was reserved only for slim women, seductive women, and women who had so-called flawless features. Still, since discovering the body-positive movement, I've discovered a different side to the empowerment of wearing lingerie. 

My partner still surprises me with lingerie from Cherlot with its high quality plus size lingerie always. They offer me a seven-day free trial. I make a transaction and wait seven days to pay after the goods have been delivered. So I'll have seven days to try it on and decide if I want to keep it or not.


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