How to Choose the Right Corset

How to Choose the Right Corset

Corsets are sensual, feminine and give you a great figure. Therefore they're a must-have in your wardrobe. Many women, however, are unsure about how to select the perfect corset for their physique. Not every corset will be suitable for you. That is why most women are dissatisfied when they do not achieve the same results as those seen on social media. You don't have to wear it every day, but it could be just what you need to take your look to the next level on occasion. The easiest way to do it is to figure out what works for you, which isn't difficult at all. Here's a guide on picking the right corset:


👗 Preferred Style

If you're wondering what kind of corset is best for me, there are two options:

  • Over busts
  • Under busts

Both are excellent options, but which you choose depends on your requirements. If you're searching for an item to assist slim your waist or for everyday wear, and underbust is the way to go. Over busts are usually reserved for special occasions and are not ideal for waist training.

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👗 Body Shape

The length of your torso, waist to hip ratio, and bust size are the most important factors to consider here. If you have a large midsection, you should use a steel-boned corset. No matter how you tie it, it will smooth your body and avoid bulges. In some circumstances, you may not find one that suits you properly. Thus it is advisable to have one made to order.


👗 Torso Length

Different corsets fit different torso sizes, and you cannot use the incorrect one; otherwise, you will not achieve the desired results. If you want an underbust, the top should be just above your pelvis or at your hips, and the bottom should be just under your boobs. An overbust one should adequately cover all of your boobs.

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👗 Correct Corset Size

When purchasing a corset, never use your regular clothing sizing, and never use the same sizing chart when purchasing from different suppliers. Always use the corset size calculator the supplier you are purchasing from. It ensures a fantastic fit that is neither too big nor too small.

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👗 Type of Boning

It is one of the most important factors to consider because it will influence how your corset appears and the results. Steel and plastic boning are the two most common types of boning. Steel boning is the greatest choice for waist training because plastic boning flexes are only appropriate if you do not require as much support.

Make sure to measure yourself before purchasing any corset thoroughly. If you require assistance, seek it out since if your measurements are incorrect, the corset you purchase will be as well. When in doubt, always ask questions and follow the guidelines on our corset guide, and you will never go wrong.




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